Imagine a home building company that researches the land, walking it and comparing it with others, long before they purchase it for development. Then that same builder places such strong mindfulness on everything below the ground and behind the walls to the beautiful finishes and fixtures seen within a home ensuring superior completion. Even more so, imagine a team of key people that helps every homeowner from start to finish while prioritizing the integrity of those they work with just as much as the homes they build. 

We are that home builder. We are Havyn Homes.

Our Mission

To grow great communities humbly and passionately


Our Core Values

  • Passion
    Demonstrating boundless energy and intense desire to capture true happiness
  • Growth
    Willing to develop our talents through hard work, good strategies, and input from others
  • Community
    Unifying mission to selflessly serve each other
  • Humility
    Valuing the greater good over the satisfaction of our individual aspirations


Our Culture

We take our mission and core values seriously. Our team created them. From the initial meeting with our homeowners to the final walk through of every completed home, we are genuine and professional. We are confident with every task we conduct while we are continuously increasing our knowledge and fine-tuning our skills to build excellent homes. We value our relationships with our contractors and trades people, as well as our homeowners we build for. We strive to always hold ourselves accountable in every way. Our team is our solid foundation, and we know how important a solid foundation is for building. Growing great communities humbly and passionately is what you can expect from our team at Havyn Homes.

Meet Our Owner

Havyn Homes may seem ‘new,’ yet we are anything but that. Our builder, founder, and CEO, Michael Graniczny, established Havyn in 2022 after more than 20 years of leading and owning residential building companies throughout Northwest Indiana and the Chicago, IL suburbs. We know him as ‘Mike the Builder’ and our homeowners know him as the nice guy that builds excellent homes, no matter the size. 

From the first home he built and every one that he has created since, Michael strives for the best execution as if he were building his personal home every time. His background was working for family in various trades here and there, even learning more about home building from his father at an early age. In his early twenties, Michael, with his father and brother, began his first company as a home builder in the South suburbs of Chicago. He was not afraid to get his hands dirty and he was eager to grow and learn anything he could. This is what he considers his education in life. As the business changed, and eventually the 2008 recession hit, Michael’s company drastically changed, as well. More like disappeared. Rather than throw in the home building towel, Michael worked wherever he could while planning his next home building venture. In 2011, and with a new family partnership, his second home building company was born. Michael made old school and new school deals when purchasing land and supplies along with learning new installation techniques of the trade. Those deals and techniques created beautiful homes that not only won various awards and accolades, but also named Michael one of the top 40 Under 40 recipients in 2015 by Professional Builder magazine. 

Michael moved the company from Frankfort, IL to St John, IN because of the future and opportunity he saw in the surrounding communities. Always looking ahead, a strong brand and image of impeccably built homes was created by his newly growing team. Northwest Indiana, and even a little bit into Southwest Michigan, became the sweet spot for building. As more change occurred within the business and new opportunities presented themselves, so did the creation of Havyn Homes. Rather than continue to try to reinvent the wheel, Michael chooses to lead a team that brings their unique talents to the table to build the best homes for each homeowner every time.

That is why we love being a part of Havyn Homes.


Meet Our Team

There is more than meets the eye with our team. What our titles share is only a piece of what we offer. We know that flexibility is necessary at times, especially in a continually changing housing market. We understand that every homeowner is unique no matter how similar the home and their wants and needs. That is why every one of us works to plan every homeowner’s build simply and strategically while guiding them. What does not change is our commitment to seeing every home built to excellent completion. Our team has the experience, competence, and passion to build each homeowner their very own Havyn home. We are:

  • A construction accountant
  • A construction coordinator and architect
  • A selection coordinator
  • An operations director and estimator
  • A project superintendent
  • A marketing and sales coordinator

Careers at Havyn Homes

Interested in joining our team? How about an internship? Not only do we enjoy our work, but we think you would too! 

Here at Havyn Homes we are professional with a casual atmosphere that regularly shares fresh ideas keeping all of us on our toes, especially when we have team meetings with our owner. We focus on our projects while connecting with each other in helpful ways every day. We are in-office and in-the-field workers. Truly orchestrating every step of the building process. We like to celebrate our successes and try to encourage each other when we need that helpful hand up. Even when we need regular encouragement. We are constantly learning and growing. We expect nothing less than the best no matter the scale of each build because we aim to give our best every time. We love our homes and are grateful for the people we meet and relationships we build along the way. We make mistakes and correct them every time. There are days when we start early and work late to get the job done right. We do not give up.

If this sounds like you and you would like to know more about positions at Havyn Homes, please contact us with questions or email your resume with a cover letter to [email protected]